P R O D U C T 

Where are your circle lenses from?

Our lenses are imported from Korea to ensure the best of quality.

Are Iszo Circle Lens products safe to use?

Iszo Circle Lens sources only the best, reputable brands to provide circle lenses from. Our products our KFDA approved, making them officially safe to use. However, please contact your eye doctor and talk to them before considering eye contacts if you have any special eye condition.

What color lenses are most suitable for me?

If you are opting for a natural, easy-going look that is least noticeable such as for going to school, we suggest you pick the color that is closest to your natural eye color and of diameter 14.2mm – 14.5mm. That will make your eyes seem larger in the most natural way.

If you want to go for a doll-eyed look that makes your eyes seem large and big, choose diameter 14.8mm – 16mm lenses.

Why do lenses’ size and dimensions matter?

The main difference size and dimension makes is the overall effect and look. The larger they are, the more your eyes will pop out. However, sizes are also available to match your eye. Please get the specifications of your eye size from your optometry to get the right size.

How do I wear circle lenses?

Please refer to our Lens and Care Guide.

Is it safe to gift circle lenses to someone?

As long as they do not have any eye condition and you know their prescription (power), you can get Iszo Circle Lens for them. However, we suggest only gifting to those who you are certain of already using contact lenses.

Are your products sponsored?

Yes. Please see Sponsorship and Collaboration for more information.

Can I purchase astigmatism circle lenses from here?

Sorry, we do not keep any astigmatism lenses in our range at the moment.

M Y    O R D E R

How long will my order be processed?

All the orders that we received will be ship out in 2-3 working days. Unless any out of stock cases may take a longer time to process.
Feel free to check our stock list before order, or email us at iszocirclelens.neko@gmail.com, we will check the stock availability for you.

Are prices for one lens (single eye) or two lenses (both eyes)?

All circle lenses prices are for one pair (both eyes). 

Are there going to be any hidden charges?

No. You will receive a confirmation request before you confirm your order, the final price in your receipt before this confirmation will be the price you pay. 

I do not have any prescription and do not wear glasses – what prescription should I get?

Please choose -0.00 in that case. -0.00 lenses are plano prescription.

I have different prescriptions for both eyes, can I get right lens of one prescription and left of another?

Yes, you can. We have different prescriptions for both eyes unless otherwise stated. If some pair does not allow you to choose different prescriptions for both eyes, you can purchase two pairs of different prescriptions to swap.

Do you have lenses for reading prescription/farsightedness?

At the moment we only carry lenses for nearsightedness.

I received a defected pair / wrong order. What should I do?

We check all the lenses before we ship out. However, if there is any chance you found the lenses have defected (please do not wear it) OR wrong order,
email us as soon as possible! Tell us what was the issue and provide photos for us so we can look into the matter. We will definitely replace one for you to make it right!

S H I P P I N G    |   T R A C K I N G   |    C U S T O M E R    S E R V I C E 

How long till I get my lenses?

It depends on your location. Learn more

How do I track my order?

We've built in an Easy Tracking System for you that you can track your order instantly with just ONE-CLICK!
Please visit your Account, and view your past orders. In the order you are looking to track, check your order status and see if it is shipped. Once your product is shipped, you will receive a tracking number for it. Click on the Tracking Number, it'll lead you to a tracking result page.