Shipping Information

We have 2 shipping method for international buyers.
1. Normal Registered Mail 
2. Express Shipping
We only charge a flat rate on shipping. 

 Normal Registered Mail 
 Cost: RM 12 (approx. US$ 3.00 only)
 FREE When you order RM 176 and above

 Express Shipping 
  Cost : learn more

Normal Shipping - Estimated Delivery Time 

 Destination Country:
Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, and other Asian countries

 Delivery Time: 2-3 weeks

Destination Country:
United States, Canada, Germany, Mexico, United Kingdom, Russia, Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain, Ukraine, Hungary, Czech Republic, Belarus, Ireland, Latvia, Norway, Poland, and other Europe, North America countries.

 Delivery Time: 2-4 weeks

 Destination Country:
Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, and other South America countries.

 Delivery Time: 2-4 weeks

  Express Shipping - Estimated Delivery Time 
With Express Shipping, it only takes 5-10 working days to ship worldwide.