Return & Exchange Policy

For any returns, order cancelations or problems with your delivered product, please refer to this Return and Exchange Policy.

Defected Goods Policy

If you happen to receive defected goods, please make sure to get back to us within 7 days. After 7 days, the product will not be deemed exchangeable or returnable. The 7 day period starts from the day the product is delivered, i.e. it is in your hands. 

Please refer to these conditions that define a defected product:

  • Broken or torn lens or lenses
  • Shape of lens or lenses is not correct/odd 
  • Lenses are expired

Please note: All of the above definitions of defected ONLY apply to lenses of a sealed bottle.

If the defect is clearly visible (being torn or broken), please take a picture of the product and send it in as proof for us to make a replacement immediately. However, if the defect is not visible, we will have to scrutinise the product for defects before making a replacement.

Please know that if your product seems used even slightly, it will not be subject to any exchanges or replacements.

Return and Exchange Policy Terms

The following terms apply to all returns and exchanges:

  • The cost for sending in the defected product is borne by the customers.
  • The cost of re-sending a products is borne by the customers.
  • Exchanging one product for the other is only possible if the product sent back is unopened and still saleable. We will inspect the product before agreeing to any exchange. 
  • Please try to maintain the 7 day grace period for any returns and exchanges. Iszo Circle Lens is subject to deny any complaint sent in after 7 days of receiving the product.

Order Cancellation

If, for any reason, you wish to cancel an order after you have made the payment, please get in touch with Iszo Circle Lens immediately

The following terms apply for order cancellations:

  • Cancelled orders will not be fully refunded. 10% will be deducted from the price for the processing of your order.
  • Order cancelled due to the fact of 'out of stock' will be fully refund to user account as a store credit, OR refund to PayPal by deducted 10% of processing fees.
  • Order cancellations after they are shipped will impose a 30% deduction from the cost of purchase.
  • Refund of orders will only be made once the product is returned to us.
  • If your package is returned to us due to wrong address given by you or is an unclaimed order, we will make a 30% deduction in total cost. Please note that such a refund will have to be requested by you; unclaimed packages or incorrect address returns will not automatically subject you to a refund.
  • Please carefully read our policy before opting for order returns, exchanges, or cancellations. We recommend knowing our Return and Exchange Policy before making any purchases to avoid future hassles and issues.

Any changes to this policy will go into effect as soon as this page is updated, with or without any public notice regarding it.