International Express Shipping

ISZO LAZYPET will carry your order by plane!

You may get your order within 10 working days now with Express! WOHOO~

To make the calculation easy, we will charge a flat rate for express and ship worldwide!

Here's how:

When you buy 1 pair OR with total RM 88, you pay RM 60 (* US $13+) for Express.

When you buy 2 pairs OR with total RM 89 and above, you pay RM 40 (* US $9+) for Express.

When you buy 4 pairs for the first time, order Express Bundle. It may save you extra RM 12 (* US $2.70) on Express Shipping.

*If you already have RP in your account, you're not allowed to apply any reward points to  Express Bundle to get a discount.
Instead, add 4 SINGLE items to your shopping cart and apply RP for discounts.
You'll enjoy discounted Express Shipping Fees at RM 30 (* US $6.75)  only! 

When you buy 5 pairs OR with total RM 380 and above, you are qualified to enjoy Free Express Shipping.

The more you order, the better value you get.

We highly recommend you to pick Fast Shipping as your shipping method during checkout.

It is because it takes much more FASTER than a regular shipping.

You can also track your package along the way.

* the above USD amount is estimated only. It based on real-time currency rates during checkout.